Studio 65

Limited Edition 1/1000



Studio 65

Limited Edition 1/500



studio 65

Limited Edition 1/500



Studio 65

Special Edition 1/50

Born to satisfy the demand of a private customer, it’s been featured since then on dedicated - but not only - magazine covers, and it is still displayed in the most unconventional houses in the world, and in the important museums around the globe. We’re talking about Bocca, the famous red sofa shaped as giant lips.

Getting their inspiration from the 1935 Portrait of Mae West by surreal artist Dalì, as well as from the hot red lips of Hollywood stars, Studio 65 architects achieved a masterpiece destined to become an object of cult. Pop DNA, a sensual and provocative soul, feminine and elegant aspect. Bocca is among the most sought-after, loved, and imitated products of home furniture. The 1970 original is exclusively by Gufram.

The secret
of its natural beauty
lies in the fact that
its two corners are slightly different,
exactly as human lips would be

Since 2008 Bocca comes in two new versions: Dark Lady e Pink Lady. The first - rebellious, all black and with an oversize piercing - is the transgressive interpretation, with a marked gothic inclination. Voluptuous and of great impact, Dark lady shows its rock spirit.

The other version, Pink Lady, comes with a new lipstick of a more glamorous and fashionable colour - fuchsia - which makes it a settee that is even more the object of talk; the ideal setting for a spectacular glittery modernity.

To celebrate its first 50 years of work in 2016, Gufram introduces a special limited series of only fifty Bocca sofas. Retaining its iconic shape, inspired by the red lips of the Hollywood divas, this new GOLD edition emphasizes the brand’s important landmark, and enriches even further an object welcomed into the most beautiful homes and most important museums in the world.

Pop Art Design - Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein - 2014

From Gufram Catalogue - 1976

From Gufram Multipli Catalogue - Galleria TOT - 1984

Pop Art Design - EMMA, Espoo - 2015

Il Mercante di Nuvole - GAM, Turin - 2016

Eurodomus, Turin - 1972

From Gufram Catalogue - 2008

From Gufram Catalogue - 2008

Heidi Klum by Rankin for Astor Cosmetics - 2014

Maison Kitsuné Lookbook by Pierpaolo Ferrari - 2015

Couch in soft polyurethane upholstered with fabric.
*Dark Lady has a removable piercing of chromed metal.