Drocco / Mello + ORDOVAS

On the occasion of Frieze Week in London, one of the most cosmopolitan and avant-garde events in the art world, Gufram - the most pop and irreverent design brand - teams up with Ordovas for the exhibition Marilyn, Flowers, Lips, Gun, Mirror, Cactus. From 29 September to 16 December 2017 the gallery on London’s Savile Row, will host the ultimate exhibition on Pop Art including major works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Tom Wesselmann together with the specially commissioned Radiant Cactus, a limited edition of Gufram’s iconic Cactus in a spectacular photoluminescent finish. This particular paint allows the piece to be charged with light, which glows in the dark.

Founded in 1966 and deeply influenced by the Pop Art movement, Gufram is the Italian design brand that supported the creativity of the first “radical designers” allowing them to experiment on shapes and colours, and therefore demolishing the idea of bourgeoisie furniture dominating interior decoration. This disruptive vision allowed Gufram to get in touch with artists and creatives to foster an unparalleled cross-over between art and design which still remains in the brand’s DNA.

Cactus, designed by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello in 1972, is one of the most iconic pieces in Gufram’s catalogue; a functional sculpture exhibited in the most prestigious art and design museums around the world, Cactus is the subject of uncountable, free and often equivocal interpretations. Made in flexible polyurethane, Gufram's Cactus is soft and thornless. This hall tree with four cantilevered arms is almost as tall as a person, and looks like an ironic totem that personifies the grit, imagination, and humour of design in the 70s. Able to gather all the attention upon itself, it frees itself form functionalism at all costs, because it can fulfil its function or be used as an ornamental element. Made entirely by hand, each piece is unique: as a matter of fact, the 2165 bosses that characterize its surface are finished by hand, one by one, by specialized workers and later painted with Guflac, the unique paint patented by Gufram that makes it possible to make polyurethane look like leather while maintaining its flexibility and softness. The special luminescent particles added to the Guflac give Radiant Cactus a special dreamy vibe allowing it to transform the domestic environment into a fairy-tale forest.

The 44 limited edition Radiant Cactus will highlight the masterpieces selected by Pilar Ordovas for this unique exhibition: Andy Warhol’s Four Multicoloured Marilyns (Reversal Series), 1979-86, Flowers-1964-65, and Orange Gun, 1982, Roy Lichtenstein’s Mirror #2, 1970, and Tom Wesselmann’s Smoker #22, 1975 are installed in the space to create an immersive Pop Art environment and initiate a dialogue between iconic works of the 60’s, 70’s and 80s.

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